Who we are

Fashion Federation is an EU-based and focused marketplace for curated PRE-OWNED (second hand) and NEW designer fashion and lifestyle.

  • We are EU based and focused in order to insure on-time and cost-effective online shopping to EU residents

  • We are a marketplace, that is we offer sellers and buyers an online platform to BUY and SELL from one another, while handling this process to ensure the authenticity and compliance of the sold items.

  • We offer EU-residents the possibility to resell their luxury and designer fashion and lifestyle items in a few clicks to buyers from all EU countries.

  • We offer selected independent boutiques or designers NEW CUSTOMERS for their inventory or creations. With us you don’t wait for customers to step into your shop anymore, but you pro-actively promote your goods to the whole of the European Union

  • We offer a very user and mobile friendly platform and services to ensure quality, authenticity and on-time delivery.

Read “How it works” to learn how to use us and start boosting your business or your shopping budget!

If you are a Swiss resident check our sister marketplace www.fashionfederation.ch

About the founder

Diana moved to Switzerland in 2009 as an expat spouse and Switzerland has become her home. She is passionate about all things fashion and design, and Fashion Federation is the result of this love. She lives on Lake Geneva but travels a lot and is always curious about new trends in fashion, design and technology.

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